INTCESS : 2020

বৃহস্পতিবার, মে ২৮, ২০২০,১১:৪৮ পূর্বাহ্ণ

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Teaching is a profession that teaches all the other professions. Teachers are most responsible and important members of the society. Because their professional  efforts  affect the fate  of the future generation. Teaching is not a service, profession or a job. It is a pillar of the society.

Effective professional development enables teachers to enhance the knowledge and skills they need to address students’ learning challenges. Teachers must utilize every opportunity to upgrade themselves more.

I had the opportunity to join as a speaker in the conference of INTCESS

 ( International Conference on Education and Social Sciences), organized by OCERINT ( International Organization Centre for Academic Research) held in Dubai from 20 to 22 January, 2020.

OCERINT organizes international and local conference, world wide  meeting, curriculum and executive programmes. It also publishes high quality academic international journals academic research & new innovations.

OCERINT aims to be one of the most comprehensive organizations focused and various aspects of   advances of Academic researches especially in social sciences. Education and humanities in Turkey.

The goal of OCERINT is to bring together the researchers, practitioners from academia and industry as well as institution, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multi faceted  aspects of academic research.

OCERINT’S mission:

  • To foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge across the globe.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of scholarly research and education industry.
  •  To encourage scholarly work in research.
  • -To bring together academicians and researchers who maintain a common interest in the general principles and curriculum theory and development.

They call for abstract papers for presentation in the seminar. Submitted papers will be subject to blinded  peer review and evaluated based on originality and clarity of exposition.  Blinded peer review is a process using an international panel of researchers who are expert in relevant fields.  Referees are asked to judge the quality of research and also the relevance and accessibility of a paper for an international audience. Each manuscript is reviewed by two referees.

I submitted my paper on “ Improvement  of cognitive and emotional intelligence of the teachers.” My paper was selected & I was invited to present my paper in the conference of INTCESS, held in Dubai.

It was a great experience to meet the scholars who were doctorates, PhD holders and professors from all around the world. In the conference they talked about sociology, psychology, language, linguistic, law , economics and new technologies. I enriched myself a lot from there. I also presented my paper & many participants came to the seminar only to hear my topic which made me thrilled & exited.

In addition to my professional experience in INTCESS’20, I was able to enjoy one of the most impressive cities in the world, DUBAI & its unique culture, tasty gastronomy, historical & artistic richness. Dubai is one of the world’s most modern cities famous for its modern buildings and magnificent scenic beauty.

Writer : Zebin Akter

Former Vice Principal


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