How to communicate with the students effectively

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What is communication?

Communication is a process of exchanging ideas, feelings or information.

From ancient times, one of the most important aspects for humans was to express their feelings of emotions to each  other . The combination of all the methods we use to interact with other people is communication.

Effective communication must ensure 3 C’s ;

clear: get to the point

 concise: stay on the point

Complete:  have all the information required to cover the topic.

 Communication for the;

Right people

Right information

Right time

3 basic types of communication;

  • Verbal communication: means what we say & listen to the person to understand them. It may be face to face or telephonic communication, radio, television.
  • Non verbal communication : observe a person how we say it. It may be facial expression, body movement, eye contact gestures, postures,
  • Written communication:  To read: letters, book, e mail, magazine, internet & others.

Importance of effective communication to a classroom teacher & attendant:

  • The students, teachers, attendants benefit from the effective communication:
  • Communication makes learning easier.
  • Helps students achieve goals .
  • Increases opportunities for expanded learning
  • Strengthens the connections between students , teachers and attendants.
  • Creates an overall positive experience.
  • Helps learn more from teachers and attendants.
  • The quality of being friendly with others.
  • Helps in career development.
  • Enhancement in teamwork and collaborative attitude.
  • Develop professionalism in the students
  • Important for students social networking
  • Improve presence of mind & memory enhancement
  • It allows students to trust teacher & attendants more
  • It ensures he/ she is more free with us.
  • Students feel more comfortable in the classroom.
  • They can flourish a lot better when they are happy with their environment.
  • Effective communication also results in students being more frank about their problems and insecurities which is a vital thing.

            Roadblock /barriers to communication:

  • Ordering, commanding, directing, warning, threatening
  • Judging, criticizing, disagreeing, blaming
  • Calling names, stereotyping, labeling
  • Interpreting analyzing, diagnosing
  • Questioning, probing, interrogating, cross examining
  • Withdrawing, distracting, being sarcastic, humiliating, undermine
  • Poor listening, cultural barrier, gender issue. Language barrier,physical barrier

How to develop effective communication with the students:

Children behave differently depending on their characteristics. It is important to interact with them according to their behaviour.

For example:

  • If a child is shy, you must make sure he/she is comfortable talking to you.
  • If a child is naughty, you must gently stop him and ensure he is listening to you.
  • If a child is restless, you must calm him down before interacting with him/her.
  • If the child is too talkative, you must explain to him why it is important to listen and be attentive. If he/she is still reluctant to stop talking, you should be stern.
  • For special children, we must take some things into consideration. We need to understand their condition. We have to be extra supportive in their case and take proper care of them. They have to be handled very gently.
  • Through daily interactions with kids and observing them interact with others, we are always trying to show the children that we care for them. We are confident that the following guidelines will help build the foundation for kids to succeed.
  • We would like to share some of the ways they believe we can show kids that we care about them.
  • Moralizing, preaching,  using should, ought, may, might
  • Advising, offering solutions or suggestion
  • Praising, agreeing , giving positive evaluation
  • Reassuring, sympathizing, consoling, supporting,
  • Always use  Good morning, Assalamualaikum, Good bye, Thank you, please Excuse me , I’m sorry.

More effective ways to communicate with students:

1. Tell them they look great dressed up wacky.

2. Listen to their stories, even the long-winded ones.

3. Ask for their help, even when you don’t need it.

4. Help them solve their own problems without solving it for them.

5. Stay with them when they’re frightened.

6. Laugh at their jokes.

7. Read stories together.

8. Make up stories together.

9. Respect their ideas.

10. Display the art they create for you.

11. Pretend to eat the food they cook for you.

12. Support their imaginations.

13. Share information with them.

14. Talk about their goals and dreams.

15. Acknowledge their excitement.

16. Feed them healthy snacks.

17. Play the games they want to play.

18. Applaud their bravery.

19. Follow behind them, but not too closely.

20. Don’t hurry them.

22. Let them celebrate their successes.

23. Get messy with them.

24. Have them help you fix things.

25. Share new concepts with them.

26. Make crafts together.

27. Clean up together.

28. Hold hands.

29. Dance with them.

30. Be loud!

31. Be silly!

32. Be crazy!

33. Be experimental!

34. Be present.

35. Explain friendship to them. Make it important.

36. Be a good friend to them.

37. Learn the names of their friends.

38. Teach them to make friends everywhere they go.

39. Keep up to date with kids trends.

40. Be honest with them.

41. Treat them with kindness.

42. Hug them. As and when required

43. Take them seriously.

44. Surprise them!

45. Lift them up when they point at something.

46. Play on the ground with them.

47. Say please and thank you to them.

48. Acknowledge their needs.

49. Be a good example.

50. Be honest and apologize when you are wrong.

51. Truly listen to them.

52. Encourage their creativity.

53. Teach them that making a mistake is okay.

54. Help them embrace how different we all are.

55. Ask for their opinion.

Conclusion:Better communication enhances the relationship with children. We should all try to communicate with children according to their behaviour and characteristics, which will enable us to provide a better education.

 article writer: Zebin Akter

   Former vice principal


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